Redefining the social dining experience.

Brothers Pablo and Branko Fernandez saw a need for a new social dining experience - one that would connect the community and inspire health and wellness.

The Secret Table event was created to impact the community in a positive way by showcasing local, organic, real food creations and connecting community members with unique and diverse backgrounds.

The Vision For Secret Table co-founders, Pablo and Branko Fernandez, the most memorable moments were those shared with family and friends around the kitchen table. Eating their grandmother's, great-grandmother's, and mother's authentic healthy cooking was always a treat, but what impacted them most was the stimulating, intimate conversations that created close personal bonds, and nourished their souls. Their goal was to recreate that atmosphere, and deliver an experience where a diverse group of individuals could not only share a healthy, gourmet meal, but leave with new friends and new ideas.

Giving Back The core belief and intention behind every Secret Table is to stimulate change that serves to benefit the lives of others. That is why part of the proceeds from ticket sales and silent auctions go to a local non-profit organization. Every non-profit that is sponsored is carefully selected for an alignment of mission and core values with that of the Secret Table.

Services Want an exclusive Secret Table event for you and your guests? The Secret Table team would love to help! They will recreate the Secret Table experience that caters solely to your private event. In the new Total Experience event package, clients can replicate the lavish style of the Secret Table for their private guests without having to plan it themselves. You can be sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests with such details as a VIP red carpet entrance with custom step and repeat photo background, a custom gourmet menu, live music, and entertainment. See the SERVICES page for a quick video and more package information. Secret Table also offers private chef, wedding and birthday catering.

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The Secret Table is committed to making a difference in the community by directly supporting local non-profit organizations.

In 2014, Secret Table raised more than $10,000 for non-profits through sponsorships and donations. $6,100 alone was raised for Autism Tree Project Foundation, a local non-profit committed to helping families affected by autism in San Diego. Secret Table has also aided Brunch Club - a non-profit that supplies resources to the San Diego homeless - resulting in the delivery of food to 500 homeless people in our community.



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