Visioneer Event

Various Attendees

“This whole evening has been amazing from start to finish. Connecting with incredible people in the community, […] with people I’ve never even met before, but everyone passionate about impacting the world in a bigger way. My biggest take-away was this idea of creating possibilities. It was a great evening with the Secret Table, the whole event, and I look forward to the next one.”

Mike Sherbakov | Greatness Foundation

Jason Hornung

Founder of JH Media LLC, AcademyOfAdvertising.com

“Everybody involved in their organization shows such love, care, and compassion for not only the people that are putting on the event, but everybody that’s involved in the event. And every little thing that they do, every little attention to detail, goes into creating this experience that’s going to allow for connection, growth, and just an openness that doesn’t normally happen in these events.”

Ilan Ferdman

Co-Founder of Satori Prime

"If you are putting on events and looking to absolutely blow the minds of your clients, there is no better family to work with than the family at Secret Table. We’ve had multiple events with them that have just absolutely exceeded every expectation, and not just ours, but of our clients. It’s one of the most astounding things to walk into a Secret Table creation.”

JJ Virgin

Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert | 4-Time NY Times Best-Selling Author

“We had a five-course meal under twinkling lights that was curated towards our specific dietary needs - which were super-complicated - using local, organic ingredients and served by elegant, attentive waiters who made sure we had everything we needed at every moment. There were exquisite wine pairings with each dish. It was absolutely fabulous. Then the evening culminated in a live performance by a well-known comedian who charmed our group. The members have been raving about it ever since!”

Dan Martell

CEO & Founder of Clarity, Angel Investor, Speaker

“When I decided to host a dinner for my mastermind group I was really concerned about creating an experience that would obviously surprise and delight them. I didn’t know how I was going to put that together, the kind of food I should serve, or kind of experience I wanted to put together […]. I called Pablo and the team at Secret Table [and they] absolutely delivered. It was not only effortless on my end which is always a plus, but just the experience that they put together was more than just the food, […] the incredible pairings, […] the entertainment, and just the whole flow of the night was just incredible. I just can’t say enough great things about Secret Table.”

Lisa Sasevich

Entrepreneur, Speaker, & Philanthropist

“There is something about the experience created that creates memories. We all want to take care of the people that we love, [and] if you’re doing a private dinner, you want to go beyond that. You want to do something that they’re going to be talking about for years to come, maybe a lifetime. And I will say, from both experiences that were completely unique [because] they were custom - they were exactly made for the group I was with - I have memories that are going to last a lifetime.”

John Assaraf

NY Times Best-Selling Author | CEO & Founder of Neurogym

“Their professionalism is world class, [their food is] world class, the way they present things [is] world class - and it has really enabled us to have the most magical experiences with close friends and people we want to be close friends with [..] We used to have dinner parties and now we have dinner experiences. From choosing the most delicious, delectable, amazing organic foods, to creating an ambiance for us to form deeper connections with our friends and clients, has been just incredible.”

Jeremy Sandow

Marketing and Sales Consultant, Online Business Coach

“We do a lot of events […] and I’ve always been left kind of lacking something, theres always been kind of something missing, and I never really knew what it was […] until I hired Pablo and the Secret Table team. […] The level of food that they bring, they really actually care so much about the experience of you consuming this food. The other thing is the level of service, […] care, [and] the level of love that they put into each and every event. No detail is ever really overlooked.

Deb Cole

Social Media Marketing Expert, Author, & Coach

“I’ve had the privilege of being to about five different events of his […]. I would describe Pablo to you as this loving soul that you just love working with. […] Bringing him to your event, whatever the experience you’re looking to create, he just takes it to that next level. […] He brings his food from farm to table, it’s so amazing. Everyone is in […] such a pleasurable place, you can’t help but be happy. You’re just talking to people and really connecting with them […] in a really heart [centered] level.”

Clay Hebert

Keynote Speaker, Marketing Strategist, & Crowdfunding Expert

Mike Dillard

Self-Made Man Podcast, Entrepreneur, & Author