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Their professionalism is world class, [their food is] food world class, the way they present things [is] world class - and it has really enabled us to have the most magical experiences with close friends and people we want to be close friends with [..] We used to have dinner parties and now we have dinner experiences. From choosing the most delicious, delectable, amazing organic foods, to creating an ambiance for us to form deeper connections with our friends and clients, has been just incredible.
— John Assaraf
We had a five-course meal under twinkling lights that was curated towards our specific dietary needs - which were super-complicated - using local, organic ingredients and served by elegant, attentive waiters who made sure we had everything we needed at every moment. There were exquisite wine pairings with each dish. It was absolutely fabulous. Then the evening culminated in a live performance by a well-known comedian who charmed our group. The members have been raving about it ever since!
— JJ Virgin